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Women's perfume with pheromones Sexy Life No. 13 - 10 ml. Women's perfume with pheromones Sexy Life No. 13 - 10 ml.
Эти духи заказываю уже второй раз. От оригинала Dior отличаются немного. Они чуть мягче и менее резкие, вот только от этого нравятся не меньше! Объем небольшой, а вот хватает надолго, что оч радует. Запах не особо стойкий, на пару часиков, после чего одежда пахнет именно ими, без посторонних запа..
Реалистичный вибратор TOYFA A-Toys Benedick с подогревом, TPE, 12 режимов вибрации, 18 см Реалистичный вибратор TOYFA A-Toys Benedick с подогревом, TPE, 12 режимов вибрации, 18 см
Понравилось в изделии длина, материал на ощупь, диаметр, разнообразие режимов вибрации, встроенный аккумулятор с подзарядкой. Но головка пениса показалась маловата в диаметре. Жене не очень понравился агрегат, но к "финишу доплыла" за 3 минуты. ..
Vibrating Egg Relentless Seeker purple Vibrating Egg Relentless Seeker purple
Хорошая штука! Гладкое и приятное на ощупь яичко. Без батареек, работает от зарядки. Пульт только на батарейках, они есть в комплекте. Девушка довольна! Пультом меняешь вибрацию и подстраиваешься под желание девушки. Так и довести до пика возбуждения можно легко. Круто смотреть как ей нравиться эт..
Penis attachment. ToyFa XLover Penis attachment. ToyFa XLover
Алексей Я.
На ощупь не очень. Растягивается слабовато. В среднем норм. С небольшими недостатками. ..
Dildo. Realistic TOYFA A-Toys 17 * 3.5CM Dildo. Realistic TOYFA A-Toys 17 * 3.5CM
Серафима Р.
Очень приятный на ощупь, без запаха и швов. Удобный по размеру. В описании не написана мягкость и технология softskin (искусственная кожа). Из-за этого брала в слепую. Взяла и довольна! Мягкая, гибкая игрушка, все как нужно. ..
Anal plug. TOYFA POPO Pleasure, silicone, 12 * 3.1 cm Anal plug. TOYFA POPO Pleasure, silicone, 12 * 3.1 cm
Размер средний . Как раз! Немного воняет резиной. Нам все понравилось. После первого раза с этой штучкой, жене очень хочется повторить. Хотя она раньше не воспринимала анальный секс. Я ооочень доволен...
Мастурбатор TOYFA A-Toys Pocket Wavy, TPR, белый, 7,8 см (растягивается до 30 см) Мастурбатор TOYFA A-Toys Pocket Wavy, TPR, белый, 7,8 см (растягивается до 30 см)
Шикарная вещь. Но страдает качество силикона. Хотя на упаковке так и написано, использовать на один раз. Получилось воспользоваться несколько раз и потом выбросить. Для одного раза, когда прижмет, вещь отличная. ..
Вагинальные шарики A-Toys by TOYFA, силикон, фиолетовые, Ø 2,7 см Вагинальные шарики A-Toys by TOYFA, силикон, фиолетовые, Ø 2,7 см
Качество материала просто супер. гладкие, приятные на ощупь, без запаха. Аккуратные, в деле попробовала, но думаю мне, как новичку подойдут для упражнений. Не большие не маленькие, как надо ..

Sex shop of the city of Irkutsk offers

Best shopping for your first visit to an intimate store

If you find it difficult to think about the first visit to a sex shop and you are preparing for this long and hard, as for something important in life, I would advise you to buy something from a more familiar assortment - maybe it is some kind of lubricant or, let's say, the same underwear, intimate cosmetics - gradually getting used to the assortment of the sex shop, as well as the variety in bed, every time it will be easier for you to visit such stores.

In an intimate store for women, girls, girls 18+, if you are under 18 years old, 14 years old, please think about studying) or ask your mother to buy. For you we will tell and show you how to choose the right vibrator or dildo, for yourself or as a gift, we will tell you its functions and features, how and what to do with them. For men, guys, boys 18+, our sex shop has prepared masurbators, sex dolls like a real woman and much more in the vastness of our website


Anonymity, order return

We respect the right of our clients to privacy and do not disclose the details of transactions, and do not transfer data to third parties. All information related to ordering is stored in secure locations using reliable technologies. The personal data of our customers are used solely for cooperation purposes - to receive payments, deliver.

Upon receipt of the goods of inadequate quality, or the occurrence of other inaccuracies, the client can return the goods that do not meet his expectations. We cooperate with buyers within the framework of the law and comply with all the requirements provided for these cases.

 24 hour service

We always stay in touch and take orders at any time of the day. Incoming orders are processed constantly, which allows us to send goods to our customers faster, as well as perform various financial transactions. This also opens up great opportunities for our customers - we can make a purchase at night or early in the morning, in their free time from work and in a comfortable environment.

 We also continue to improve and refine our service, as well as take into account any wishes of customers.

  We are waiting for your wishes and suggestions!

Sex Advice

Our sales consultants can explain why certain products are needed, how they affect the quality of a person’s sexual life, to whom they are suitable and in which cases they are indispensable. At the same time, the conversation about adult games is informative and allows the interlocutor to better understand their needs, as well as find methods or ways to realize their own desires. We are also ready to advise clients on issues related to the psychological and emotional aspects of sexuality and love, sexual instinct (a psychological term (we have a psychologist who knows)).

 Discounts for regular customers

The store (sex shop) has a system of discounts - customers who place orders several times can pay for goods at a special price, spending less money. The discount program is designed for long-term cooperation with customers - we strive to create trusting relationships with consumers, and create comfortable conditions for cooperation. It turns out that it’s very cheap with us!

Quality goods

We only supply products that are safe to use and safe for all users. All toys: vibrators, sex dolls, anal toys, lubricants, dildos, masturbators and more. At the same time, our specialists make sure that all models available for sale are made of tactilely pleasant, hypoallergenic and reliable materials - they are safe for the human body. We bring joy!

 All products are certified

The presence of certificates for all names of goods is another plus of cooperation with our store. We can only order products that are guaranteed to be approved by the control authorities and do not pose a health hazard. All models are tested by specialists and only after that they are added to the main site directory.


All goods are packaged well and securely and then delivered to the buyer. The client can give a specific address, and the order will be delivered as soon as possible. The package contains a complete set of goods, as well as all the necessary documents, including warranty documents. We deliver to all districts, districts: Sverdlovsky, Oktyabrsky, Leninsky, Pravoberezhny. We can ship across the Irkutsk region (Bratsk, Sayansk, Shelekhov, Ust-Kut, etc.) and throughout Russia.

Many of us are from the USSR, in which "there was no sex", and many were brought up in the strictest prohibitions and within the framework by our parents - there are many reasons for this, at least maybe simply because it was not accepted to talk about sex before, there was no such sexual agitation as it is now. Somehow everyone lived modestly, and thought that sex is dirty, shameful, sex is needed only for procreation, yes, and in general, much more. In a word, the topic of sex was generally little covered in any family, and even more so the topic of sexual diversity, and even more so - under the strictest prohibition, because this is a matter of only two people and no one else.

Thanks to these wonderful attitudes from childhood, which our parents gave us, many of us are terribly embarrassed about thinking about sex, and even more so about how to diversify it so that it brings true pleasure. About 80% of people are afraid to visit a sex shop, and for this each has their own reasons. Someone is afraid to accidentally meet their acquaintances there - and here is a dumb picture, you do not know what to do next, someone thinks that “What will they think of me? Suddenly the seller / other visitors will say that I am a pervert, ”and someone is just so shy that he is afraid to tell what he needs. But, all your fears, they have no serious basis - there is absolutely nothing shameful about visiting an intimate store, the same seller is there to help you make the right choice, no one will think that you are a pervert, because in such a store there is the same intimate cosmetics, means of protection - which, in principle, is in any pharmacy or even a hypermarket. Partly, in our stores there is still such a tense atmosphere - you enter like a room with curtains and a bunch of exhibits of some kind ... But, fortunately, our sex shops are already on their way to evolution, I think they will soon acquire kind of the same full-fledged store as the rest.

Confused in front of a partner? Mystery destroys.
Confused in front of a partner? Mystery destroys.
Embarrassment is a completely normal indicator that you let your partner into the most intimate and sacred for you. Share your feelings with your partner, tell him what bothers you, and of course, the degree of trust rises, with such a mutual interest in ..
Why do you need an intimate shop in Irkutsk. Review
Why do you need an intimate shop in Irkutsk. Review
Intimate shop website Kiss-me.shopThe site of an intimate shop is just a storehouse of all sorts of playful things, here you can buy such exciting toys that will not leave indifferent even the most "selective" comrades)))What can you find in an intimate s..
What is the best vibrator or dildo?
What is the best vibrator or dildo?
Many are confused with the concepts of "vibrator" and "dildo". Therefore, it is worth understanding them first.The dildo is a classic classic erect penis without additional curves. In other words, the prototype is literally copied in color and shape. This..
We decide to contact a sex shop. What is needed for this?
We decide to contact a sex shop. What is needed for this?
Before contacting a store of sexual pleasure, we would first of all recommend that you "get into the topic" a little, relax and, of course, study what modern stores generally offer, as they say - a person with knowledge, already halfway to success, there ..
Vibrator at home
Vibrator at home
Make a vibrator from the available tools:Rotating toothbrush. The maximum effect is only if you do not exaggerate. Start by playing with your clitoris with your fingers.Shower. The satisfaction of using the shower faucet is a fairly familiar technique for..
Strapon sex
Strapon sex
What is the reason for the desire to change roles? There are many reasons. Some do it for the sake of variety. Sex life with one partner sooner or later becomes boring. Sex toys are a safe and fun way to diversify your sex life. Both women and men want to..
How to replace a dildo at home?
How to replace a dildo at home?
Currently no way to invest in a dildo? The thirst for sex appeared unexpectedly and the guy is not around and will not return soon, and your old dildo is gone? The first thing girls try to try for sexual satisfaction is jars of various cosmetics, because ..
Chatting about anal sex. Anatomy of an anal orgasm.
Chatting about anal sex. Anatomy of an anal orgasm.
This event requires patience and perseverance in action. Below I will describe my own experience. (It was 2015, a year in a galaxy far, far away ...)Before penetration, you should examine the area around the anus and the anus itself, its outer part (anal ..