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Delivery to the sex shop of Irkutsk

Delivery and payment in the Internet sex shop of Irkutsk

How can I pay

Payment methods in our sex shop

You can pay in cash or by transfer upon receipt of the goods in Irkutsk

You can pay and pick up the goods yourself from our warehouse in Irkutsk, mn Pervomaysky, house 88

For pickup, a discount of 200 rubles for goods with a sticker -200r pickup

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Delivery from 10:00 to 02:00

Delivery of sex products for women in Irkutsk

Delivery from 18:00 to 02:00 on 100% prepayment

Delivery time in Irkutsk from 20 minutes to 2 hours

Delivery time depends on traffic jams and where you are geographically located

We deliver to Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Leninsky, Oktyabrsky and Sverdlovsky districts

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The packaging will protect you from viewing the product as much as possible!

Delivery of sex products for men in Irkutsk

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The goods are delivered free of charge across Irkutsk with a sticker Free delivery!

When ordering from 3000 rubles in Irkutsk

When ordering from 5000 rubles in the Irkutsk region

When ordering from 8000 rubles in Russia

 Paid delivery

In Irkutsk from 100 rubles

In the Irkutsk region from 400 rubles

Across Russia from 500 rubles

LUXURY class delivery

Delivery to the microdistrict Pervomaisky and Universitetsky 100 rubles when buying from 500 rubles Order Delivery via the Internet in a sex shop in Irkutsk


Receiving an order

Upon receipt of the goods, it is recommended to unpack and verify it with the order, as well as to make sure that the goods and packaging are intact. If, upon receipt of the goods, you find that the goods do not correspond to the declared quality / quantity or simply changed your mind, you can issue a complete cancellation of the order or from a specific product. To do this, inform the manager about the refusal and indicate the reason for the refusal.

Check the goods after delivery

Refusal of goods

If you refused the goods for reasons beyond our control (changed your mind, rewanted, etc.) and you made an advance payment, then inform the manager as soon as possible, this will save you time and money. In this case, the shipping cost is not refundable.

The money will be returned within 10 calendar days.

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Confused in front of a partner? Mystery destroys.
Confused in front of a partner? Mystery destroys.
Embarrassment is a completely normal indicator that you let your partner into the most intimate and sacred for you. Share your feelings with your partner, tell him what bothers you, and of course, the degree of trust rises, with such a mutual interest in ..
Intimate shop in Irkutsk
Intimate shop in Irkutsk
Intimate shop website Kiss-me.shopThe site of an intimate shop is just a storehouse of all sorts of playful things, here you can buy such exciting toys that will not leave indifferent even the most "selective" comrades)))What can you find in an intimate s..
What is the best vibrator or dildo?
What is the best vibrator or dildo?
Many are confused with the concepts of "vibrator" and "dildo". Therefore, it is worth understanding them first.The dildo is a classic classic erect penis without additional curves. In other words, the prototype is literally copied in color and shape. This..
We decide to contact a sex shop. What is needed for this?
We decide to contact a sex shop. What is needed for this?
Before contacting a store of sexual pleasure, we would first of all recommend that you "get into the topic" a little, relax and, of course, study what modern stores generally offer, as they say - a person with knowledge, already halfway to success, there ..
Vibrator at home
Vibrator at home
Make a vibrator from the available tools:Rotating toothbrush. The maximum effect is only if you do not exaggerate. Start by playing with your clitoris with your fingers.Shower. The satisfaction of using the shower faucet is a fairly familiar technique for..
Strapon sex
Strapon sex
What is the reason for the desire to change roles? There are many reasons. Some do it for the sake of variety. Sex life with one partner sooner or later becomes boring. Sex toys are a safe and fun way to diversify your sex life. Both women and men want to..
How to replace a dildo at home?
How to replace a dildo at home?
Currently no way to invest in a dildo? The thirst for sex appeared unexpectedly and the guy is not around and will not return soon, and your old dildo is gone? The first thing girls try to try for sexual satisfaction is jars of various cosmetics, because ..
Chatting about anal sex. Anatomy of an anal orgasm.
Chatting about anal sex. Anatomy of an anal orgasm.
This event requires patience and perseverance in action. Below I will describe my own experience. (It was 2015, a year in a galaxy far, far away ...)Before penetration, you should examine the area around the anus and the anus itself, its outer part (anal ..
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