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Sex toys

13.5 cm ball penis
AA battery (finger)
AAA battery
Anal Banana Black Anal Stimulator - 16cm * 2.8cm
Free shipping
Anal chain with remote control 11.8cm * 3.0cm
2 000р.
1 790р.
Free shipping
Anal chain with restraint - 28 cm * 1.6-2.7 cm
Delivery 100 rub
Anal chain with restraint ring - 23cm * 2.6cm
Anal chain. Classic anal beads
1 500р.
-200 r.
Anal chain. Purple 32 * 1.1-2.8cm
Delivery 100 rub
Anal chain. Toyfa A-toys M
Free shipping
Anal Shower Shower Me
1 990р.
Anal stimulant. Seven Creations, silicone, 14 cm.
1 100р.
Anal stimulator Rapier Plug purple
Delivery 100 rub
ASS PARADISE pink gel vibrator 20.5cm * 2.5cm
1 390р.
-200 r.
Bilateral Anal Stimulator - 20cm * 1.4-3.2cm
Free shipping
Black anal vibrator - 24.0 cm * 2.5 cm
Free shipping
Black strapon panty belt with attachment "Glamor Dana" - 15.5 cm
Butt plug with relief - 10 cm * 2.5 cm
Butt plug with tail TOYFA SWEET BUNNY
Free shipping
Butt plug with vibration EROTIST SHAFT (5.4 cm * ∅ 2.4 cm)
Cock ring A-Toys ∅ 3 cm

Sex toys in Irkutsk

It's no secret that sex toys are not an invention of a modern person, they were invented and actively used long before our appearance.

Intimate life to the fullest, varied sex, constant sexual desire, fire and passion in relationships - all this can be achieved by introducing a little fantasy and sex devices into the intimate sphere.

Thanks to the use of sex toys, women and men can get real pleasure and new sensations.

Get pleasure from sex toys

Now the choice is much more diverse and more information is available to us to study than before. Even the most conservative people are willing to try something new.

They help women to reach orgasm faster, and couples to prolong sexual intercourse and add zest to their sex life.

Sexologists recommend using various devices in sex as often as possible for those who are in long-term relationships. Such a technique will help you get out of the routine of everyday life and everyday sex, and will refresh the relationship in the union.

Sex toys: do you need them, should you use them, and how to choose them correctly?

We are ready to share all the interesting and useful information on how to choose the right toy for yourself and your partner, how to take care of it, which is best for those who decided to try it for the first time, which we own, as well as further in the article you will find answers to everything questions you are interested in.

Should you try sex toys?

Here the opinion of the people is divided. Some argue that "in no case, in an intimate life, you should only enjoy each other, and not resort to the help of" battery-powered silicone assistants. "

Should you use sex toys?

And there are still those who simply decided to diversify their intimate life, to bring something new into it. Naturally, you will definitely succeed in expanding your sexual capabilities with the help of sex toys. And not only when you are together, they can be used alone,

The use of sex toys will come in handy if you are faced with such delicate problems as: you cannot experience an orgasm without high-quality cunnilingus, or your partner - a man ejaculates too quickly, that is, ejaculation occurs quickly.

Of course, they will not be able to completely take the place of a real person, but they also get pleasure from them. They are capable of "making bright fireworks" in your life.

If you have been in a couple for a long time, then the presence of sex toys will help liberate your partner, bring novelty to the established relationship. And thanks to the brightness of the received emotions, your relationship will strengthen and sparkle with new colors.

Treat sex toys like dessert

The attitude to sex toys should be like "something sweet". After eating, we always want something for "cake". Therefore, sex toys act as a “sweet dessert”.

If you decide to purchase a sex toy for yourself, then be sure to do it with your partner (if there is one). Turn your visit to an intimate store into a "pleasant adventure." Emotions will be over the edge, and a violent fantasy will manifest in both. Be sure to visit the "Sex Shop" online store, it is a very memorable adventure. There you can see all the sex toys and get acquainted with your own eyes through the video description.

How to choose the right sex toys for carnal pleasures?

First of all, decide what exactly you want to get from a sex toy and what you lack in sex. Then, after seeing a huge selection of all kinds of sex toys and sex devices in the store, do not reach for the most expensive one. It has many different functions, but it is suitable for more "advanced users" who use sex toys all the time. Pay attention to the simplest models, having acquired which you will have a clear idea “do you need this at all? And where should you start? "

Choose a sex toy with a partner

During the determination period with a choice, it is worthwhile to carefully study the reviews on a particular product. It will not be superfluous to ask around the seller-consultant in an intimate store without hesitation.

Another recommendation: when buying your first toy, use a cheap one. They are no worse. The functions are the same. And if you don't like it, and you change your mind about using them, then you will not regret the money spent.

Materials from which sex toys are made.

It is generally accepted that the strongest, highest quality and safest materials for sex toys are silicone, stainless steel and glass (dense and durable). The smoothness and density of their surfaces prevents the penetration of microbes and bacteria into the material. It is very important. Also, such materials provide the "owner" with durability in use, ease of maintenance and complete safety in use.

Materials such as ABS plastic, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR), everything that ends in -skin (cybersin, neoskin), is also very harmless to use at first glance. But, there is one big "minus" - these materials have a porous surface, which can serve as a "home for bacteria." Therefore, when using sex toys made from the materials listed, use a condom or use a special cleanser.

The most "dangerous" for humans can be products made of PVC, vinyl or jelly. They are "carriers" of chemicals such as phthalates, for example. They should be used with extreme caution.

Latex sex toys - this type of material from which an allergic reaction can occur, has a specific smell, as well as a short service life.

How do sex toys get into your intimate life?

There are some simple but basic rules:

Trust When Using Sex Toys The first rule is to talk honestly and openly with your partner about what you want to try and how you want to diversify your sex games. Be honest. But, remember that talking about the fact that you are not completely happy with sex or not at all, should be delicate, so as not to injure your partner.

If you use sex toys all the time, then when having sex with your new partner, you should carefully listen to the desires of each other. The main thing is not to discourage your partner. If you have an intimate relationship with your partner, do not immediately tell him about your preferences with sex toys, but you do not need to delay the conversation. Otherwise, mistrust may arise between you.

You should use a sex toy, inject it into your body or into your partner's body, gently and smoothly, so as not to harm each other. And it will not be superfluous to remind here that you should ask your partner "what and how", and if there is discomfort, then you must stop typing, or reduce the "force".

Taking precautions when using sex toys will help you avoid injury during sex play.

Before use, carefully read the information from the manufacturer printed on the packaging. Follow these instructions.

How to care for a sex toy Do not forget, first of all, about the observance of hygiene. Before you start using a sex toy, even a completely new one, and after use, be sure to wash it with detergents. This will eliminate the possibility of bacteria getting inside you. Never neglect this rule, and remember that certain types of these products described above require special treatment and more careful processing.

Dry the washed sex toys on an open surface, you can use a towel. After complete drying, including small parts and hard-to-reach "places", you should apply powder or cornstarch, if required by the material of the toy and remove away "from prying eyes".

When using sex toys, it is not necessary to immediately insert from the "vagina" into the "anus". This is fraught with the fact that you can pick up an infection. To avoid this, use a condom, it will protect you from "troubles" in the future.

To make the product "better and smoothly" enter you, pay attention to special lubricants for sex. Intimate lubricants sold in stores or pharmacies are also different. And all are suitable for different sex toys. For silicone models, use water-based lubricants, others may damage the surface of the sex toy. Before applying the lubricant, do some allergy testing first - smear it on a small area of ​​your skin and watch for an allergic reaction. If everything is in order, feel free to use.

What kinds of sex toys are there?

Now let's look at what toys are, and how to use them.

All sex toys can be classified into male and female, for couples. For the sake of clarity, we have highlighted each classification separately.

Female sex toys


The name speaks for itself, it is an imitation of the phallus of a man. This sex toy has no vibration, no batteries. The phallus is used for vaginal and anal sex. Sometimes the structure of the dildo allows both the vagina and the anus to be stimulated at the same time. These models are ideal for couples. Stimulation of the G-spot can also provide pleasure if it is provided for by the design of the dildo.

Sex toy dildo

Some models are very realistic, and some do not look like a phallus at all. Sometimes these models have handles or suction cups for ease of use.

Vibrator for sex

A very popular toy, because with its help, real pleasure is achieved. Vibration can be of several speeds, you can control such a sex toy using a remote control, a mobile application or just a button on it.

Vacuum Wave Clitoris StimulatorMini Pocket VibratorsVibrators Simultaneous Clitoral Anus G-Spot Vibrators Realistic Shaped Vibrators

Vibrator-bullet (vibro-bullet)

A toy that allows you to use it inside a dildo for more pleasure, or to attach it to an anal sex toy - a plug. In some models.

The pulsator is a "fellow" of the vibrator.

Thanks to its functions, it will allow you to reproduce the movements of your partner. "

Clitoral stimulant

Sex toys that stimulate the clitoris without penetrating deeply. By vibrating, clitoral stimulators help you "experience an orgasm." One of the most common types of stimulants is the butterfly belt, which can be secured with straps. There is also a vacuum stimulator that replaces oral sex by imitating it.

Butt plug

A type of sex toys that will make the vagina smaller, and will also be a great addition to anal stimulation. The toy can also be used by a man.

Anal plug

Sex toys for men


A sex toy that is most often owned by any unmarried man, or married, but for a change. The masturbator is compatible with anal, oral and vaginal sex (some models have three holes). During use, the masturbator imitates suction movements, thereby delivering unearthly pleasure to a man.

Masturbation Tool Realistic Masturbator

The device itself simulates a woman's vagina, very realistic. The model is often purchased complete with a tablet stand.

Sex dolls and sex robots

Toys for adults and experienced men, although young ones are also suitable. Models of such sex toys allow a person to fully enjoy the body of the opposite sex. The models are not cheap. But, having acquired it, you will forget about everything in the world. The models are very realistic.

There are also cheap models, inflatable, but using them will not give you a lot of emotions, if only it will cause laughter for their appearance. The inflatable sex toy models really look comical.

Sex toy sex doll

Sex robots

The toy is expensive, of high quality, capable of transmitting sounds and sensations. The robot is able to replace a woman, will never refuse you. They are able to move to the beat of your movements. Our society is already moving towards the fact that sex - robots will fully enter the life of any man.

Note: sex robots are also produced for a female audience, but, as a rule, only men use them so far. Therefore, it was decided to place them in the section for men.

Cock ring

The model is able to prolong an erection in a man and increase the time of intercourse. Some models have vibration and can attach to both the phallus and the scrotum.

Fantasy cock ring

Penis attachment

A model that can increase the time of sex and further stimulate the vagina and clitoris. This is available thanks to the ribbed surface of the product. It is also used to enlarge the penis.

Prostate stimulator

A useful and interesting toy for a man. She is able not only to perform preventive actions for the male body (prevention of prostatitis), but also to stimulate during sexual games.

Prostate Vibrator Massager

Sex toys for a couple, both partners


Here we are talking about double models that are used by partners at the same time. Both get pleasure. Thanks to the vibrational properties of additional stimulation, everything is "exposed", including the clitoris, the G-spot.

Vibrating egg

Used by both men and women. The couple uses it as an addition to their games, caressing the clitoris, egg, scrotum, chest, as fantasy suggests. This very comfortable sex toy is equipped with a remote control.

Of the varieties of this sex toy, there are vibrating attachments for the fingers. The functions are the same, but the possibilities are even greater.

Couple sex toys

Sex toys, when using which you definitely need a partner. These toys are very realistic and allow a man or a woman to have sex even at a distance, even on the Internet. They are able to convey the actions of partners. I often use toys for cyber sex.


A dildo that can be attached to the body of the parterre. It is used for anal, oral and vaginal stimulation for both men and women. Attached to the body with or without straps using an erection ring.

Strapon on panty straps

Vacuum pump

Here you should "work with pens". The product will operate by evacuating air. The toy is used for both men and women, but it can also be used together. It all depends on your imagination.

Male pumps are needed to "raise" the male penis and increase it in size, as well as an excellent prevention of the reproductive system and can also be used during masturbation.

Women's pumps - needed for the breast, vagina, anus. Very well suited for training the muscles of the vagina.

Anal beads

A toy for both partners. Allows you to play with your partner's anus using small details, further stimulating them.

Accessories and related sex products

There are many additional types of sex products available to help you experience the true pleasure of sex play. These are special lubricants for sex, costumes for role-playing games, erotic lingerie, including edible ones, BDSM - paraphernalia that will allow you to elevate your intimate life to the pinnacle of bliss.

All of the above and much more you can purchase by visiting our website.

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