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TOYFA realistic vibrator (17cm * ∅ 3.6cm)
Diameter: 3.6 см total length: 20.5 см Working length: 17 см
TOYFA realistic vibrator (22.5cm * ∅ 3.2cm)
1 190р.
Diameter: 3.2 см total length: 22.5 Working length: 20 см
Vibrator with clitoral stimulator Silicone, Pink, 20.5 cm
1 790р.
Diameter: 3.6 см total length: 20.5 Working length: 11 см
Vibrator with clitoris stimulator L'EROINA
2 190р.
Diameter: 3.2 см total length: 17 см Working length: 11.4 см
Vibrator realistic RealStick Nude by TOYFA
2 190р.
Diameter: 4.0 см total length: 17 см Working length: 14 см
Vibrator-realistic Waves of Pleasure Fantasy Vibe - 21.5 cm * 4 cm
Diameter: 4.0 см total length: 21.5 см Working length: 18.5 см
Couple Vibrator Satisfyer Partner Toy, Silicone
1 990р.
total length: 10 см Working length: 7.9 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes
Vibrating massager. With a rounded clitoral process. 8cm * 3cm
1 190р.
Diameter: 3.0 см total length: 16 см Working length: 8 см
Realistic vibrator TOYFA A-TOYS MANG (17 cm * 3.9 cm)
1 290р.
Diameter: 4.0 см total length: 20 см Working length: 17 см
Free shipping
The vibrator is realistic. TOYFA PVC, 4-5.2 * 19.5cm
2 490р.
Diameter: 5.2 см total length: 22 см Working length: 19 см
Free shipping
Soft pink VAVA vaginal balls with remote control 16.6 cm * 3.7 cm
4 190р.
3 490р.
Diameter: 3.7 см total length: 16.6 см Working length: 8.0 см
Free shipping
Vibrating Egg Relentless Seeker purple
2 690р.
Diameter: 3.5 см total length: 17.5 см Working length: 8.0 см
Realistic vibrator, flesh (22.5 (18) cm * ∅ 4 cm)
Diameter: 4.0 см total length: 22.5 см Working length: 18 см
Vibrator-realistic COCK NEXT
Diameter: 4.0 см total length: 17 см Working length: 13 см
Vacuum vibrator Satisfyer-1 NG
1 990р.
total length: 16.5 Stimulating the clitoris: Yes Color: Brown-white
Vibrator with clitoral stimulator TOYFA A-Toys High-Tech fantasy
2 670р.
1 990р.
Diameter: 3.2 cm total length: 22 cm Working length: 14.5 см
Free shipping
Vibrator The Princess and the Pea Sweet Kiss
3 590р.
2 990р.
Diameter: 3.5 см total length: 20 см Working length: 10 см
Vacuum Massager Love Breeze Ice Blue
2 490р.
total length: 9 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes Color: Blue
Vacuum vibrator Satisfyer Dual Love
4 890р.
3 890р.
total length: 16 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes Anal stimulation: Yes
Vibrator Indeep Gina Purple
1 990р.
Diameter: 3.3 см total length: 20 см Working length: 10 см
Vibrator Satisfyer Mono Flex White
4 487р.
3 448р.
Diameter: 3.5 см total length: 23 см Working length: 11.5 см
Vacuum Massager Love Breeze Copper
2 450р.
total length: 9 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes Color: Bodly
Vacuum-wave non-contact stimulator SATISFYER LOVE TRIANGLE
3 897р.
total length: 10 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes Color: Black
Free shipping
Vibrating massager. Blue, COSMY - 18.3 cm.
3 300р.
Diameter: 3.6 см total length: 18.3 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes
Free shipping
Vibrator. Eromantica Monica, silicone, 21 * 3.5 cm
3 742р.
2 890р.
Diameter: 3.5 см total length: 21 см Working length: 11 см
Vibrating Massager Partner Whale
2 780р.
total length: 18 см Working length: 7 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes
Vibration stimulator Satisfyer Partner Plus Remote
3 978р.
total length: 18 см Working length: 8 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes
Mini vibrator Mystique Rocket Vibe
1 150р.
Diameter: 3.0 см total length: 12.7 см Working length: 10 см
Vibration nozzle for finger TOYFA
Diameter: 3.0 см total length: 7 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes
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Vibrator with clitoris stimulator Area (19.5 (10) cm * ∅ 3.3 cm)
7 777р.
Diameter: 3.3 см total length: 19.5 см Working length: 10 см
We will deliver in 8 days
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Vacuum vibrator Satisfyer Pro Penguin
total length: 11.5 Stimulating the clitoris: Yes Color: Black
We will deliver in 8 days
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Couple Vibrator Satisfyer Double Joy Black
7 777р.
total length: 8.5 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes Stimulation of the penis: Yes
We will deliver in 8 days
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Couples vibrator Satisfyer Endless Fun White
4 397р.
Diameter: 4.4 см total length: 23.5 см Working length: 14 см
We will deliver in 8 days
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Mini vibrator. With clitoral stimulator. 11.7cm * 2.6cm
7 777р.
Diameter: 2.6 см total length: 11.7 см Working length: 0.76 см
We will deliver in 8 days
Prices are lower! Check!
Vacuum vibrator Satisfyer Dual Pleasure White
7 777р.
Diameter: 4.5 total length: 18 см Stimulating the clitoris: Yes

Vibrator for sex

What is it?

The vibrator is an analogue of the male penis, in which there is a motor, on the basis of which it vibrates at the right time and stimulates the female and male erogenous zones.

It can be fun for two, as well as the pleasure and imagination of one person.

How to choose a vibrator?

Classic Vaginal Vibrator If you are new to the world of sex toy lovers, this variety of products will confuse you. Not knowing which vibrator to choose, what to focus on (other than financial means), and trying to find the best vibrator of them all.

It all depends on the properties of your body, such as the sensitivity of the clitoris and others. How will you use it?

There are products of different stimulation, such as external and internal, and there are also products for double stimulation. What do you prefer the most? How does your Man bring you to orgasm? Think about these issues and then choose just one option.

Do you prefer clitoral stimulation? Choose a vibrator for external stimulation of the clitoris.

Do you like light touching with your fingers? In this case, a vibro bullet will suit you. Quite large vibrating balls are good for those who like toys more, working over a large area.

If you are thinking about sex and penetrative masturbation, choose vibrators for internal stimulation.

Vibrator orgasm

A sex toy, of course, is not a replacement for a real man, but a proven way to get an easy orgasm and new sensations. Of course, the device must be selected individually for each woman. Your orgasm depends on many factors such as the speed, shape, length and thickness of the vibrator. Understand what you like and find the right device for the brightest orgasms

The range of vibrators is great and it pleases

This toy moves at different speeds, causes the strongest arousal, the purpose of which is to bring you to orgasm. With a pleasant pastime, sex is a toy to cope with with a bang. An excellent massage of the vagina, clitoris or anus is guaranteed.

To make it easier for you to choose, let's take a closer look at what a vibrator is. Here are a few common categories that hot sex toys fall into:

Clitoral vibrator

Clitoral Vibrator, one of the widespread wand vibrator (Magic Wand), is a powerful vibrator, external stimulation of the clitoris is provided.

Such an iconic vibrator is often referred to simply as Hitachi in conversation. This is the most common vibrator for women, as well as a relaxing or erotic body massage.

Massager-vibrator Wand Wand is a device with certain characteristics. The most powerful and playful comrade among vibrators! This is his trick and the essence of nature. He became a favorite of several generations as a symbol of the liberation of female sexuality.

A massive handle - a speed regulator unit with batteries or a cord, a knob-like head, this is how Wand can be externally described. To a greater extent, they are heavy in weight, but there are also lighter ones, because technologies do not stand still.

At first, it may not be very convenient to hold the device in your hands. But you can not hold it, but put it on the bed and lie on top of it. You can also put the toy on your pubis and "dock" where you want.

Vacuum-wave vibrator for the clitoris Vacuum-wave vibrators are excellent for the clitoris, due to their non-contact pulsation, orgasm is achieved quickly and powerfully

Dual vibrator

One Vagina Vibrator - Good! And two ... is better! Sounds interesting ?!

Double VibratorThere is also a double type vibrator that stimulates not only the clitoris, but also the G-spot. Sex toy is specially designed, made to stimulate two erogenous zones. The stimulation can be carried out simultaneously or separately, which makes it more interesting to use.

This is a simple and at the same time powerful enough vibrator that runs on batteries or rechargeable battery. Some type of dual female vibrator is also used underwater for sex.

The dual vibrator is ergonomic and intuitive to operate. In addition, it will allow you not to be distracted if you start a game with a partner, because it is so simple and straightforward to use.

Triple stimulation vibrator.

Triple Vibrator Whoa ... sounds enticing, almost everything is included! The anus, clitoris and vagina will not be left unattended in the process of pleasure using all three female erogenous zones. A vibrator for a brave girl who takes the maximum, let's say ... all at once.

The vibrator is shaped like a trident. The various shapes and sizes of the processes are anatomically designed based on the proportions and structure of the female body

Realistic vibrator

Realistic VibratorA vibrator that resembles a Dildo or a realistic vibrator. Almost completely corresponds in shape and size to the male penis. A kind of vibro dick, dildo! This "apparatus" can be used both alone and with a partner. With him, there can be penetration of vaginal, anal, oral sex. It all depends on your interest.

The shape, size, material of manufacture are different: cyber leather, PVC, gel, latex, plastic, metal.

Vibrating Bullet and Vibrating Egg

Vibrating egg or vibrating bullet vibratorThis is the most universal vibrator. It is similar in shape to an egg and, accordingly, to a bullet. Stimulation of the clitoris, massage of erogenous zones or nipples, as well as vaginal and anal insertion are possible with this device. It is important to be careful and careful when entering!

The vibro bullet is often used in conjunction with other devices. Simple vibro bullets are equipped with one speed, complex ones are also developed, where there are several speed modes.

The compact vibrator fits in the palm of your hand and the wireless option is very relevant.

The vibro egg is larger in size than the vibro bullet.

Its advantage is that it is more tangible in the clitoris. In addition, there is more choice of impulses. For a pungent sensation, it is made of plastic, which has a silky finish, or of delicate silicone.

It is convenient to relieve tension from muscles using these vibrators. But it is more pleasant to give yourself pleasure and get a real bright clitoral orgasm, one by one.

Mini vibrators

Mini VibratorsCompact devices for satisfaction. Their shape can be phallic or rather original, unusual. Such a vibrator for ladies is also interesting in terms of design, for example, it looks like a lipstick or a keychain.

The thing has the properties of a full-fledged intimate vibrator, but in a miniature design.

An intimate vibrator that fits easily into a handbag, there is always room for it. If necessary, you can always buy a vibrator in a sex store, choosing from the assortment exactly what you like.

Rabbit is a female vibrator.

Its a pleasure to use and insert the vibrator into your vagina. It is bi-directional, designed to stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time. Two vibrators of different sizes are connected and in this combination form an excellent tandem.

The vibrator got its name because its shape resembles a rabbit's ears. The rabbit is most often made from soft and velvety medical grade silicone. Gel and rubber are also used. Size and design, power, color ... the hallmark of this wonderful toy for a woman.

G-spot stimulator

For the G-spot vibrator Similar to a traditional vibrator, only has a bend and a soft coating. The bend is specially designed so that in the process of intimacy you can reach the G-spot and stimulate the right place to experience a violent orgasm. Whether or not vibration is used is up to you in the process. But the lubricant is definitely needed. A woman can use such a toy for anal pleasures, because the shape of the vibrator is also suitable for this.

Bendable vibrators

Bendable VibratorsSex toy that bends perfectly at any angle. Thanks to this property, any erogenous zone is stimulated, you can easily reach the right place.

It can be given a comfortable shape and act as a vibrator of any type (anal, vagina, clitoris) or double penetration.

Programmable and remote controlled vibrators.

Smart Vibrators These can be pre-programmed. Originally, when there is a timer, its function allows you to wake up the user at any time. The vibration is adjustable, you set its rhythm yourself, increasing or decreasing whenever you want.

In terms of design and technical characteristics of the vibrator, this new and fashionable gadget is numerous. They have a control panel. Developed wired and wireless vibrators where you can adjust the speed and intensity.

Such vibrators are "disguised" and designed as everyday objects. They are also made small in size, because it is always convenient to carry such a gadget with you. It is all the more convenient to control it from the phone.

A novelty loved by many - a smart vibrator.

Smart vibrator Satisfaer Its use with a Bluetooth connection allows the toy to be controlled via the Internet. The smart vibrator is synchronized with multimedia content and controlled via mobile applications. This is a cool gadget, a great advantage is that a girl uses a vibrator even when she is outside the house!

Anal vibrator.

Anal Vibrator Typically, it has a long base or grip. This is necessary to avoid slipping them into the intestines.

The most common forms of this vibrator are phallus-like and anal plug. Unusual shapes are also popular. In any case, they must be used with understanding and knowledge of the matter. Abundant lubrication to help!

The vibrator is a butterfly.

Butterfly Vibrator A female clitoral vibrator that attaches with straps around the legs and waist. During intercourse, the clitoris is stimulated. This vibrator is comfortable to use and does not need to be held using your hands. It is made from soft materials such as silicone, gel, latex and plastic.

The toy is able to add variety to intimate life.

Vibrator for couple

Vibrator for Couples This is a vibrator for him and her. A device that sharpens the sensations and gives many orgasms. The intimacy between partners will be brighter.

Even if the paired vibrator cannot be used in all positions. And yet, you will be able to get the most out of pleasure! You can easily adapt to it and find a comfortable position. This special device, during couples sex, satisfies both partners in its own way. From flexible devices to stimulation of different erogenous zones.

The internal mechanism integrates the paired vibrator.

For couples, the vibrator is a double mechanism that sets the toy in motion, which enhances sexual desire. Pulsation, vibration and electrical stimulation, all these qualities can be in this toy. The appearance of the vibrator may vary.

For boring couples

Those who find it difficult to cum or want to experience many orgasms, experiment lovers, who have a different temperament or desire to better explore each other, a pair vibrator is suitable. Super toy for adult joys!

Key indicators for choosing a vibrator

In the event that the sensitivity is reduced, it should hit like a jackhammer, or vice versa. Are you still unsure? In order to understand which vibrator is the best - the best for you, you can only in the process of masturbation. Then it will be right to choose a device, a vibrator for beginners.

It should be at different speeds for the following points:


ripple (back and forth motion)

escalations (waves).

This whole complex of vibration will bring you to orgasm in a matter of minutes.

Anal-vaginal vibratorThe vibrator will open up a wide field for you to study the body, will open the way to get an extraordinary female or male orgasm. It's easy to experience pleasure every day! Moreover, when there is a vibrator next to it that is suitable for your particular vagina.

There are a great many variations of vibrators, so you can easily choose the right toy for yourself. Regardless of the design, the main function of a vibrator is for a girl and a woman to experience the coveted orgasm in any form.

Read the articles on our blog about vibrators!

The girls are happy to use the vibrator! An intimate vibrator for every taste is in our store!

Contact us, we will always help you with the choice! You can buy sex vibrators and dildos from us at an affordable price.

If you want to send a vibrator by mail, like other sex toys, this is possible. All that remains is to buy and arrange delivery.

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