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Chastity belt

Black seals-nameplates for the chastity belt - 5 pcs.
Amount in a package: 5 Color: Черный Material: PVC
Chastity Belt Party Hard Romello Green
1 450₽
1 190₽
Diameter: 3.5 см total length: 12.5 Working length: 9 см
Black men's chastity belt NOTABU with a clasp
1 690₽
Color: Black Maximum diameter: 108 Minimum diameter: 65
Silver Chastity Belt with Zip
2 480₽
Diameter: 4.5 total length: 9.5 Inner diameter: 3,5
We will deliver in 8 days
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Chastity Belt Cock Cage
7 777₽

Chastity belt for husband

Today we will tell you about such an accessory as a chastity belt.

This is a special piece that is made for you and your pleasure. This device plays on the contrast of pleasure and deprivation. The purpose of the belted is to voluntarily deprive himself of some comfort. He transfers the "right of control" to his partner.

In the description of the chastity belt, we will consider:

1. Choosing the right model for a male chastity belt;

2. How to dress and wear a chastity belt;

3. Duration of using the device;

4. How chastity belt works and is fun.

How to choose a chastity belt

For starters, it's worth saying that wearing a belt should be a mutual decision. Don't force your partner to do this. Everything must be by agreement of both parties. In addition, you and your partner must really want it. After that, you can start choosing a decent model. There are many different models on the market now in different price ranges. The device should be updated every 1-2 years depending on the frequency of use.

We compare the following types of belts: steel and polycarbonate (silicone). If you want to try something "heavier" and if you are no longer a beginner, we suggest you purchase a steel belt. If you want something lighter, then polycarbonate (silicone) is just right. Besides these two, there are also leather belts.

For many buyers, the aesthetic component of the device is important: beautiful and visually satisfying partners. Convenience and rigidity that prevent erection.

Weight of the device. A heavy chastity belt is uncomfortable to wear. We recommend that you start with lighter models and move up to heavier ones with experience.

Various design models are now offered. They will help you realize completely different fantasies for you and your partner. Many of them are also suitable for beginners. You don't have to start with classic models! Everyone will find a belt for their finances and imaginations.

How to wear a chastity belt

It is important to get used to wearing it gradually. It is worth starting with 2-5 minutes, and then increasing the time to 1 hour, etc. Get used to new sensations. Check individual areas of the skin so that redness and bumps do not form on it. The ring can be uncomfortable. Choose your product carefully and everything will be fine! Among other things, moisturize your skin with special creams to avoid inflammation and dry skin.

When we remove the device

When using this device, the partner needs to have fun 1-2 times a week. If your partner does not want the man to touch the penis, "masturbate" him. The device makes the penis hypersensitive and everything happens very quickly. Masturbation is needed to avoid some unpleasant diseases: hypertrophy, prostate, swelling. Among other things, a long clamping of the penis carries the risk of softening the organ and reducing it in size.

Chastity Belt Care

Another very important part of our instruction: leaving. It should be remembered that you need to clean the belt at least once a week with water and soap (but if you have the opportunity, you should replace the soap with a disinfectant, which copes much better with cleaning). You can buy a special disinfectant for sex toys in our store. It is not included with the chastity belt. Practice good hygiene. Wash your penis and testicles every day. This will help get rid of bad odors and keep bacteria free.

How chastity belt for men works

We remind you that wearing this device does not imply humiliation or deprivation of your partner's dignity and pleasure. On the contrary. As mentioned above, a chastity belt should only be worn with a mutual agreement. When wearing a belt, a man cannot show his feelings using ordinary means and he has to look for all new ways. It can be personal charm, beliefs, or many others. There are pluses for women as well. They become calmer, less jealous of their partners and even become more self-confident, because their partner is saving strength only for her beloved! Wearing a belt has been proven to strengthen relationships.

What does a man who wears a chastity belt feel after a while?

This question worries many. Of course, you can find some scraps of texts about male sensations on the Internet, but we have collected only correct and verified information for you.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with:

To begin with, it is worth saying that a man is changing in character. He is already softer, more generous and not as aggressive as before. In addition, he puts up with imprisonment. If at the beginning of wearing it has various contradictions, then over time they dissipate. A man gets pleasure in many new ways. So, for example, one of them may be the fulfillment of the desires of his partner. Many couples note the absence of domestic conflicts. Men cease to see flaws in their chosen one, but only see positive features.The partner fulfills the desires of his beloved, and in return receives various sexual rewards in different forms and positions. And finally, as we said above, the emotional bond between partners grows stronger and the level of trust increases.

How are the days of a man wearing a chastity belt?

Starting to wear this device, there are still some changes in the life of a man that you have to get used to. First, now you have to urinate while sitting. You need to have dry napkins or toilet paper on hand to dry your penis. Now in the morning you will not be woken up by an alarm clock, but by an uncomfortable erection. The solution to this problem may be the following: just go to the toilet and go back to bed to watch your dreams. After a few days, the erection will no longer be so strong. You will start to get used to it.

Daily use of chastity belt

Depending on which belt you need, you can pick it up in our store. Now we will tell you about those models that can be worn every day. If you want to wear the belt less often and wear it more often, the lightweight options are suitable for you, which are easy to maintain. They do not cause any pain or discomfort, and also do not bring health problems. Completely safe for men.

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