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Condoms polyurethane Sagami Original Quick 0.02

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Brand: Sagami

Ultra-thin polyurethane condoms Sagami Original Quick 0.02 solve the problem of difficult and long putting on once and for all. They are equipped with a special tape that helps to apply the condom in seconds.

In addition, Sagami Quick incorporates the best qualities of the Original range. • Give a natural feeling. These condoms are only 0.02mm thick, so they feel like "second skin" or not at all.

• Reliably protect. The molecular density of polyurethane prevents the condom from breaking even during overactive or hard sex.

• Do not cause allergies. Sagami Quick contains no proteins or chemical catalysts, which means that people with latex allergies can safely use them.

• Actively conduct heat. Their thermal conductivity is 7 times higher than that of latex, so the pleasure of stimulation is as comfortable as in sex without a condom.

• Improves sliding. The surface of the Sagami Quick is very smooth and reduces friction during stimulation.

• Have a neutral scent. With them, you can forget about the annoying smell of rubber.

You no longer have to choose between comfort, pleasure and reliable protection, because the ultra-thin polyurethane condoms Sagami Original Quick 0.02 meet all these qualities.

Produced by
Shelf life 12/26
Country Japan
total length 19
Width 52
Made of
Amount in a package 6
By piece Yes
Material Polyurethane
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Video Review Polyurethane Sagami Original Quick 0.02


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