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Black oval cork on the leg - 10 cm * 4.2 cm

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Brand: Lovetoy

Black oval cork on the leg

This black anal plug, made of elastic and soft to the touch material, will give a really strong stimulation sensation. And all this thanks to its "non-classical" shape - an egg instead of a cone.

Some efforts to open up to meet him will turn into unthinkable pleasure due to the expansion of the anal walls. The restraint base and perfectly smooth seamless surface ensure safe use of the toy.


Length: 10.00 cm.
Diameter: 4.20 cm.
Purpose: anal stimulation
Vibration presence: no vibration
Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC, PVC)

Diameter 4.2 см
total length 10 см
Anal stimulation Yes
Preparing for anal Yes
Visual attribute
Color Black
Made of
Material PVC
Operating rules

How to choose the size?

To prepare for anal sex, use anal plugs (3-4 cm in diameter). It is recommended to leave it inside for 30-40 minutes to achieve the desired effect. Read the Usage Tips tab for more details on differences and recommendations for bushing use.

For extra stimulation during vaginal sex or for wearing, use anal plugs.

Use plugs up to 3 cm in diameter if you are a beginner or just want to try the butt plug. Such a plug is more comfortable to insert, it will allow you to feel certain positive emotions already at the initial stage (The pleasure of anal sex very often comes with time, with practice).

Choose plugs from 3.5 cm in diameter if you have already tried anal toys and consider yourself experienced in this business. Further, as necessary and sensations, the diameter can be increased.

Materials (edit)

Different materials of butt plugs will allow you to experience different sensations. For example: metal and glass glide perfectly and allow you to play with temperature, silicone is soft and comfortable material, stimulates well, plastic is hard enough, will allow you to reach the desired points.

How to lubricate and clean?

Use a water-based lubricant for anal plugs and bushings. Introduce toys slowly and smoothly.

Clean anal toys with detergents and treat with special antimicrobial agents


Normally, it is recommended to use plugs up to 4-5 cm in diameter. Diameters are more classified as extreme practices (fisting).

It is recommended to use the plug for wearing no more than 3 hours a day (otherwise irreversible changes in the body may occur: weakening of the sphincter muscles, irritation of the mucous membrane, microtrauma, the formation of scar tissue. This can lead to undesirable consequences).

!!! In general, everything related to anal sex should be done slowly, smoothly and very carefully. If pain occurs or blood comes out, it means that something is not happening correctly, there may be a rectal injury. In this case, consult a doctor immediately !!!

Read more about preparing for anal sex == >> here << ==

Usage Tips

What is the difference between butt plug and anal plug? What is the difference between butt plug and anal plug?

The sleeve serves to prepare for the penetration of phallic objects or the penis.

The plug has a thin neck, allowing it to be used minimizing the discomfort of the anus muscles. It helps to get used to the object in the anus and to get pleasure from stimulation in the future.

The difference is in the design itself and, accordingly, in the purpose. Conventionally, the design of the plug and sleeve can be divided into three parts:

1. The body is the part that is inside the person when in use, has a tapered tip and is almost always teardrop-shaped.

2. The neck is the elongated part of the product that connects the body and base of the toy. This part is located in a person, when introduced, where the sphincter muscles are located.

3. The base is the part that is outside (handle, rhinestone, stopper) by which you can pull the cork and pull it out. The base also serves as a limiter so that the anal toy does not slip inside.

The design of the plug differs from the sleeve only in that the NECK! at the BUSHING! Much THICKER! than the cork.

What does it do? The sleeve allows the sphincter muscles to get accustomed to the larger diameter and, due to this, the penetration into the anus becomes more comfortable.

We recommend starting the practice of anal sex with an anal plug with a diameter of 2 to 3.5 cm. You can use it for beginners to understand the delights of anal sex and add new emotions to sex.


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