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About Us

Greetings! Friends, we are glad to find you among those interested in our craft) We are a young online store in Irkutsk. We have been working since December 2019. During this time, we managed to establish strong relationships with our customers!

In addition to low prices, the main advantage we highlight is the service of our company, we create the most comfortable conditions for the purchase and use of goods (once, we arrived on a claim at 1:30 (approximately) at night). You can see for yourself the quality of our work!

We are constantly working to ensure that your cooperation with us is not only pleasant, but also useful!

Join people free of prejudice and judgment right now, and in Kiss-Me we will definitely find something interesting for you.

Kiss-Me is the fun and friendly face of the adult toy industry, where you can shop for the latest products from the world's leading brands and be assured of discreet delivery. We pride ourselves on our reliability and work hard to offer our customers the best value for money. Free consultations from specialists, favorable prices and innovative products contribute to this as well as possible.

Famous brands, safe products and complete anonymity are our principles that our customers like.

So, do you want to stock up on essentials or take a journey in search of new fun toys? We have a wide range of lubricants (lubricants), bondage kits, dildos, erotic lingerie, costumes, vibrators, and even sex machines for you to get great pleasure from sex games. It's no secret that sex toys decorate the bedroom. When you want to experiment and do not know where to look, many of us turn to online stores, and those who have checked and believed in us contact Kiss-Me.

In the sex shop Kiss-Me you will find:

• Education. The best option, if you are in doubt or do not have sufficient experience in shopping for adults, is to take advantage of the free information sessions and consultations that Kiss-Me offers. Having employees in the store who can answer any questions you may have is a huge bonus and should not be neglected. They will tell you about toys and their use, about sex and how to diversify it. For deeper issues, if any, we have a team of sex psychologists.

• Safe materials. Bona fide sellers only offer quality products, well-known products or well-tested products made from environmentally friendly and safe materials. Safe sex toys and lubricants (lubricants) are easy to find in our online store at a very low price.

A little bad news, BUT! Toxic toys can lead to numerous health problems. For more information, ask the staff at the adult store, because the products presented in Kiss-Me are exclusively original, and their safety is confirmed by certification.

• What you see is what you get. It is best to know 100% what you are buying without worrying about matching the description with the actual composition and shape of the product. This statement is especially true when it comes to items that will be used with your body or partner. For your convenience, we have prepared a video description of the product. When shopping in our store, you can always look at them and ask specific questions about the product before paying.

• Saves money. While this may sound like a contradiction to what is often said about purchases from reputable stores versus purchases from “no-names”, it does save money in the long run. Here you will find products of well-known and popular brands, but the main thing: these products are not only very safe, but are also made of high-quality materials that will serve you for a long time with proper care.

Why is there an atmosphere of freedom from prejudice in Kiss-Me?

• Impartiality and confidentiality. Many shoppers feel uncomfortable when visiting offline stores, but this is not a problem for our territory of freedom.

• The staff are friendly, well informed and always ready to help. Think of them as guides on your new sexual adventure.

• Our range can overwhelm even the most educated consumers. Yes, there are more varieties of condoms, lubricants and other products here than you might imagine.

• This is a great alternative to lingerie shops, especially if you are looking for unusual options.

• This is one of the few zones in the world that is 100% free from judgment.

Join people free of prejudice and judgment right now, and in Kiss-Me we will definitely find something interesting for you!

You can contact us by phone

+ 7-929-434-96-39

+ 7-904-119-19-92!

You can order a call back using the appropriate inscription "order a call" in the upper right corner of the screen!

You can leave your feedback or suggestions in the "feedback" section in the product tab or on the "Contacts" page!

You can receive the goods yourself in our warehouse in Irkutsk at the address: Sverdlovsk district, Pervomaysky microdistrict, house 88, or we can deliver the goods by courier. When buying from 2000 rubles. the goods in Irkutsk are delivered free of charge.

Payment is made in cash using the "mobile bank" service.

Our site is protected by a security certificate. Therefore, all your operations are strictly conspiratorial and anonymous. We are a registered legal entity with the assigned TIN and PSRN number, which you can check for illegal transactions! The numbers are indicated at the bottom of the page (it's the basement)! pleasure is near!

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