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KOKOS head with extra stimulation 14.7 cm

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Brand: KOKOS
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KOKOS Extra Stimulation 14.7 cm Extreme Sleeve 02

With impressive additional stimulation, the KOKOS Extreme Sleeve 02 enlarging nozzle solves 3 tasks at once:

gives pleasure to both partners, allows you to experiment with sex toys and takes intimate life to a higher level. The desired variety. The attachment gives the penis an impressive volume and a new shape, so it is perfectly suited for scenarios "Sex with a stranger". At the same time, the expressive relief with convex bubbles brings an unforgettable effect of novelty to the feelings of a partner.

Excessive pleasure for two. While the woman experiences a tremendous feeling of fullness and intense stimulation of the vaginal walls, the man enjoys longer intercourse and more exciting orgasms from his partner. Bright experiments.

Cyber ​​skin perfectly transmits all the power of vibrations, so the attachment can be used not only with a partner, but also with your favorite vibrator. You will also appreciate: how the KOKOS Extreme Sleeve 02 perfectly stretches and fits easily on the penis, while providing a snug and comfortable fit how the KOKOS Extreme Sleeve 02 quickly takes on body temperature and how pleasant to the touch how KOKOS Extreme Sleeve 02 retains its original appearance for a long time if simple rules - use water-based lubricants and store individually wrapped in a cool, dark place. The KOKOS Extreme Sleeve 02 will give you a sensation you never had before.

total length 14.7
Made of
Material TPR
Visual attribute
Color Телесный
Water tightness 1
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