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Poppers mask

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Poppers mask

Poppers mask

This is an exclusive invention of our company, which was developed taking into account the comments and feedback of our regular customers.

Many of them faced inconvenience during the constant opening and closing of the bottle: it takes a certain amount of time, and sometimes liquid is spilled during these manipulations.

The accessory developed by us not only allows you to make the process of consumption as efficient and safe as possible, but also can serve as an interesting element of role-playing games and sexual experiments that you will surely want to try.

How to use it correctly?

A mask for poppers allows you to enhance their effect 3-4 times, and the instructions for its use are extremely simple: fill a cotton swab with a small amount of liquid from a bottle and put it in a specially provided container. Then attach the accessory to your face with a strap if you need to free your hands. After application, rinse it with cold water.


Do not allow the contents of the vial to come into contact with the skin and face, and do not wet the swab with too much liquid. All other precautions that must be observed when using our stimulants are described in detail on the bottle label and in the corresponding sections of our website.

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