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Water-silicone based anal lubricant. HYBRID - SILICONE, 50 ml

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Hybrid-Silicone Anal Lubricant

  • softens fabrics and facilitates penetration.
  • Provides soft, long-lasting glide.
  • suitable for use with sex toys.
  • colorless and odorless.

Discover new erotic possibilities with Hybrid-Silicone! It combines the tenderness of water-based lubricant and super-long-lasting silicone for incredible comfort during anal sex.


During anal sex, lubricant is applied to the anus and / or penis just before intercourse.

When using a condom, the lubricant is applied to the anus and / or over the contraceptive worn on the male penis.

When using sex toys, the lubricant is applied to the anal area and / or to the intimate accessory.

Produced by
Shelf life 04/23
Volume 50 ml
Anal stimulation Yes
Preparing for anal Yes
Made of
Silicone base Yes
Material Aqua, Glycerin, Polymethylsiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane (and) PEG/PPG-Dimethicone, Sodium Chloride, Betaine, PEG-8, Methylparaben
Operating rules

  • Read the instructions carefully!

  • Pay attention to the dosage. Everything is individual, but on average, for one-time use, 3-5 grams of lubricant is enough. From these data, it can be assumed that a 4-gram sachet will be enough for 1 time, a 15-gram tube for 3-4 times, and a 50-gram tube will be enough for about 10-15 times, etc. It is more profitable to purchase a larger tube if you often practice anal sex or anal masturbation

  • There are water-based and silicone-based lubricants for anal sex. There are hybrid lubricants (water-silicone), but they can be equated, in terms of performance, with silicone-based lubricants.

  • A water-based lubricant is used for anal toys that will remain stationary in your body or have minimal movement. Since the water-based lubricant is well absorbed and its sliding effect disappears quite quickly (after about 5 minutes), it is not suitable for prolonged intercourse or anal masturbation. Its meaning is reduced to the initial, comfortable introduction of a sex toy (plugs, plugs) to prepare for anal sex, moisturize the environment and relax the sphincter muscles, if there are appropriate oils and additives. The grease can be easily washed off with water.

  • Silicone-based lubricant is used for prolonged anal sex or anal masturbation. The lubricant creates a sliding layer that stays on the surface for a long time, thereby protecting delicate skin from cracks and microtrauma. Care should be taken when using: the lubricant is usually very fluid, leaves a greasy residue and is not easily washed off with water. Use a special cleaning agent to remove this grease.

  • Sometimes, the lubricant contains substances that irritate the mucous membranes and can cause an allergic reaction. Before applying to the genitals, try applying a little to a delicate area of ​​the skin, for example, on the fold at the elbow, on the inside for 10-15 minutes. If there are signs of an allergic reaction (swelling, bloating), then you should stop using this remedy. It is best to know in advance what you may be allergic to.


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