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Penis enlargement cream. Big Pen 20 ml

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Big Pen Cream

Increasing the size of the penis is as easy as, for example, the biceps.


For this, a special technique is used - penbuilding ™ (from the words "penis" and "building", ie literally "construction of the penis"). This is a gradual mechanical stretching of a man's penis to the desired size. Due to lengthening, the blood supply to the penis increases significantly during an erection. The member becomes large and elastic.

Helper cream

Big Pen cream is a personal trainer and assistant for penbuilding. By warming up the skin of the penis, it tunes its owner to a sporty mood and upcoming exercises. The product is specially designed for maximum comfort: it combines the gentle and super-long sliding of oil and the pleasant elasticity of the cream.

An exceptional level of comfort and pleasant sensation is combined with a special structure. The "Tingle" effect is a unique property of the "Big Pen". This feeling of tingling and trembling, which occurs due to the rapid penetration of active components and gives a real sense of the changes taking place.

How to apply

Apply a small amount of cream to your penis and start exercising. It is good to combine the cream with a vacuum pump or jelqing exercises.

Produced by
Shelf life 02/23
Вес 20 ml
Stimulation of the penis Yes
Made of
Water base Yes
Material Glycerin, dimethicone, water, caprylic / capric triglycide, lactose, dimethicone copolyol, sodium chloride, extracts of ginseng, notoginseng, ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, butcher's broom, marshmallow, ginger, muira puama, sodium benzoate
Operating rules

  • Use the penis enlargement cream as directed. Use it only for penis enlargement exercises, in conjunction with a vacuum pump or extender.

  • The composition of the drug includes substances that stimulate blood flow to the genitals, due to this, the cavernous bodies are stretched. But the cream itself works only in conjunction with exercises or special devices.

  • Use at least 3 times a week in conjunction with jelqing workouts or in conjunction with a stretching device

  • Pay attention to the dosage. Everything is individual, but on average, for one-time use, 3-5 grams of cream is enough. From these data, it can be assumed that a 4-gram sachet will be enough for 1 time, a 15-gram tube for 3-4 times, and a 50-gram tube will be enough for about 10-15 times, etc.

  • Sometimes, the composition of the penis enlargement agent contains substances that irritate the mucous membrane and can cause an allergic reaction. Before applying to the genitals, try applying a little to a delicate area of ​​the skin, for example, on the fold at the elbow, on the inside, for 10-15 minutes. If there are signs of an allergic reaction (swelling, bloating), then you should stop using this remedy. It is best to know in advance what you may be allergic to.


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