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Exciting drops. "LOVEADRENALIN"

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Brand: БАДы

Exciting drops. "Lavadrenaline"

Orgasm should be powerful, unrestrained and dizzying ... If it is not so, then exciting drops of "Lavadrenaline" can easily correct this misunderstanding! A herbal preparation for men and women, relieves tension, increases libido and sharpens the power of orgasm.

The liquid form "Lavadrenaline" has a pleasant fruity taste and has an effective effect on the body. Within 30-40 minutes, sexual arousal will want to develop into something more - stunning unforgettable sex!

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Материал Water, royal jelly, pectin, extracts: Dioscorea Caucasian, Muira Puama, Pasak Bumi, Sassaparili root, Epimedium of Yohimbi bark, Damiana, Sabal palm, preservative, zinc, iodine, iron,

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