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On the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and Resolution No. 55 of 01/19/1998 (as amended on 01/27/2009) "On approval of the rules for the sale of certain types of goods ..." by this document, Kiss-me guarantees the absence in the goods sold manufacturing defects and defects in its components during the warranty period and notifies Buyers about the rules for the return and replacement of goods of proper and inadequate quality.

Guarantee obligation

A defect means the loss of functionality of the product or its components, as a result of which further use of the device is impossible or difficult.

The warranty for the goods sold means free repair or replacement for a similar product (if repair is impossible) during the entire warranty period.

The document that gives the right to warranty service is the Warranty Card (sales receipt or other document confirming the purchase, which indicates the date of purchase), which is issued when purchasing goods from Kiss-me.

The Warranty Card (or other document) indicates (for each separate item):


Date of sale;

purchase amount;

the signature of the person who sold you the product.

Acceptance of equipment for warranty repair is carried out only after a preliminary appeal to the technical support service (the contact form is at the bottom of the "basement" site, the link is called "RETURN") and a consultation or sending an email to (the methods are equivalent )

Equipment acceptance for warranty repair is carried out at the Kiss-me sales point. Before the visit, it is necessary to agree with the manager a list of documents that will need to be attached to the guaranteed product.

Delivery of equipment to the Kiss-me service and back is carried out by the Buyer at his own expense.

After receipt of the goods for repair, within 10 working days, the condition of the equipment is assessed, as a result of which it is determined whether the equipment will be replaced with a new one or whether repairs will be made (free or paid)

When the goods are handed over for warranty service, the period for free elimination of deficiencies can reach 45 (forty five) days.

The warranty is valid only upon presentation of a correctly completed Warranty Card (or other document) with the date of sale, together with the defective product. If the date of sale is not specified, then the warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture of the product identified by the serial number.

This warranty does not apply if:

improper operation: use of the product for other purposes; using the product in conditions that do not meet safety standards and regulations;

repairs made by unauthorized service centers or dealers;

detection of traces of opening the device;

accidents, lightning strikes, flooding, fire, improper ventilation and other reasons;

The presence of damage caused by the ingress of foreign substances, objects, liquids, dust, insects, animals, including traces of the vital activity of animals and insects.

Damage caused by using non-standard equipment or equipment that has not passed compatibility testing.

Presence of damage caused by the use of non-standard spare parts and consumables, components, or its incorrect installation and / or configuration.

The presence of external and internal electrical and mechanical damage (including, but not limited to, jammed contacts, cracks, traces of impact, chips, burnouts, etc.) that can affect the performance of the product.

defects in the system in which this product was used.

The manufacturer or its partners will under no circumstances be liable for any damage caused by loss of data, business interruptions or other direct or indirect damages (including lost profits).

Return of goods of proper quality

The buyer has the right to return the product of good quality if the product is not satisfied with the following conditions:

7 days have not passed from the moment the Buyer received the goods (confirmed by the date of receipt in the invoice of the transport company, courier service, receipt, date in the sales receipt);

the presentation of the equipment and packaging, consumer properties of the goods, completeness are preserved, there are no external defects of the equipment, the product remains operational;

there are documents confirming the purchase of this product in the Kiss-me online store (warranty card, invoice, etc.).

The return of good quality goods is carried out at the expense of the Buyer after agreeing on this procedure with the manager of the Kiss-me online store.

If it is impossible to establish the date of receipt of the goods by the Buyer, the period during which a return is possible is calculated from the date of shipment of the goods by Kiss-me to the Buyer.

Refunds are made within 10 working days in the same way and to the same details from which the payment for the goods was received. In this case, the cost of the initial delivery of the goods, bank charges, commissions of payment systems and other costs incurred are not refunded to the Buyer.

Technically complex goods of good quality are not subject to exchange and return according to the "List of non-food goods of good quality, which cannot be returned or exchanged for similar goods of other size, shape, dimension, style, color or configuration" (as amended on 02/06/2002)

Return of goods of inadequate quality

A product of inadequate quality means a product that is defective and cannot ensure the performance of its functional qualities.

The difference in design or decoration elements from those stated in the description on the site is not a malfunction or non-functionality of the product.

The appearance and equipment must be checked by the Buyer immediately upon receipt of the goods. In case of receiving goods of inadequate quality (if this was not previously agreed by the Seller), the Buyer has the right to demand the replacement of the goods with a similar one or return the amount paid for the goods.

If it is obvious that the goods have acquired the properties of goods of inadequate quality during the delivery process, the Buyer is obliged to draw up an act in the form of the carrier who delivered the goods.

The article is relevant as much as it is applicable to the legal norms of the Russian Federation. The company reserves the right to amend this article without notifying the buyer.

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