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Poppers (Flavor) B 10 ml

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Medium Action Poppers

It's good to start with him!

If you want to try this product for the first time and have already tried poppers before, we advise you to start with poppers B. It can be compared to Poppers from the manufacturer PWD Rush (note that this plant closed in 2010)

Acts smoothly but powerful enough, allows you to feel the effect. Medium strength, the effect lasts from three to five minutes!


Manufactured under Aromatization Control System - Butyl Nitrite, Isobutyl Nitrite

Types of poppers

All poppers can be roughly divided into three (3) categories in terms of duration and strength of action: Beats hard, but quickly; medium effect, with medium duration; weak effect, but lasts relatively long.

How poppers work

Inhalation of amyl nitrite vapors relaxes the smooth muscles in the human body, including the anal sphincters and vaginal muscles, allowing for easier penetration.

Expands blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, allowing the vessels to fill with blood. As a result, there is an effect of dizziness, increased tactile sensations, a feeling of satisfaction, etc. It is reported that poppers can prolong and intensify orgasm.


Ingestion causes poisoning!

Skin contact may cause chemical burns or irritation!

With a weak erection in men, it can cause temporary difficulty with an erection!

When used by people with vision problems, it can cause an attack of glaucoma!

When using poppers with sex stimulants (such as Viagra), it can lead to cardiac arrest!

Produced by
Country Russia
Volume 10 ml
Made of
Material Manufactured under Aromatization Control System - Butyl Nitrite, Isobutyl Nitrite

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