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Delivery to the sex shop of Irkutsk

Delivery and payment in the Internet sex shop of Irkutsk

How can I pay

Payment methods in our sex shop

You can pay in cash or by transfer upon receipt of the goods in Irkutsk

You can pay and pick up the goods yourself from our warehouse in Irkutsk, mn Pervomaysky, house 88

For pickup, a discount of 200 rubles for goods with a sticker -200r pickup

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Delivery from 10:00 to 0:00

Delivery of sex products for women in Irkutsk

Delivery from 18:00 to 0:00 on 100% prepayment

Delivery time in Irkutsk from 20 minutes to 2 hours

Delivery time depends on traffic jams and where you are geographically located

We deliver to Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Leninsky, Oktyabrsky and Sverdlovsky districts

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The packaging will protect you from viewing the product as much as possible!

Delivery of sex products for men in Irkutsk

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The goods are delivered free of charge across Irkutsk with a sticker Free delivery!

When ordering from 3000 rubles in Irkutsk

When ordering from 5000 rubles in the Irkutsk region

When ordering from 8000 rubles in Russia

 Paid delivery

In Irkutsk from 100 rubles

In the Irkutsk region from 400 rubles

Across Russia from 500 rubles

LUXURY class delivery

Delivery to the microdistrict Pervomaisky and Universitetsky 100 rubles when buying from 500 rubles Order Delivery via the Internet in a sex shop in Irkutsk


Receiving an order

Upon receipt of the goods, it is recommended to unpack and verify it with the order, as well as to make sure that the goods and packaging are intact. If, upon receipt of the goods, you find that the goods do not correspond to the declared quality / quantity or simply changed your mind, you can issue a complete cancellation of the order or from a specific product. To do this, inform the manager about the refusal and indicate the reason for the refusal.

Check the goods after delivery

Refusal of goods

If you refused the goods for reasons beyond our control (changed your mind, rewanted, etc.) and you made an advance payment, then inform the manager as soon as possible, this will save you time and money. In this case, the shipping cost is not refundable.

The money will be returned within 10 calendar days.

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We select a dildo
We select a dildo
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Delayed orgasm
If the submissive can orgasm, takes control of herself, and intelligently deals with this aspect of her life, giving the Dominant the right to orgasm can bring depth to the relationship that is difficult to imagine...
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Anal plug use
Based on the existing statistics, it was revealed that many people practice anal sex. Anal is really enjoyable! This is due to the fact that a large number of nerve endings are concentrated in the anus. For this reason, people practice anal penetration. B..
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Autofellation or how to suck yourself
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What to buy in a sex shop for the first time?
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How to choose a strapon
How to choose a strapon
When choosing a strap, pay attention to the following things:What is the phallus-attachment made of - this will determine what kind of sex it is suitable for (anal, vaginal)?Who will use (male or female)?How and where will the strap-on attachment be attac..
How to develop anus
How to develop anus
Good anal sex involves a certain degree of elasticity of the muscles of the anus-sphincters (2 rings). There are a few things to learn to get the elasticity you want .....
Lady sorceress (FemDom)
Lady sorceress (FemDom)
He opens his eyes, sees a lady in the room grinning. Looks under the covers and sees women's underwear on. His legs, groin and ass are clean-shaven.He stared in disbelief at the woman. At this time, the lady began to explain to him that she is a sorceress..