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handcuffs and leggings

Handcuffs Party Hard Calm Black
total length: 31 Color: Black Width: 6
Handcuffs Party Hard Calm Pink
total length: 31 Color: Pink Width: 6
Metal handcuffs with fur
Color: Red Material: Metal
Party Hard Dreamer Leggings
total length: 32.5 Color: Black Width: 4
Silicone handcuffs A-Toys by TOYFA
total length: 33 Color: Blue Material: Silicone

BDSM attributes for binding and fixing

The most popular type of clamps are, of course, handcuffs and leggings (knives) that can be attached to furniture or special installations.

They are soft and hard, metal are called shackles. There are also independent clamps: soft and hard.

Sex in handcuffs, girls in handcuffs.

Soft ones bind arms and legs, limiting movement and forcing the person to remain in one position. They can be both bondage ropes and bracelets with carabiners in a hitch. Also, fixation elements can complement costumes.

Hard clips are often made of metal. These are spacers and pads that completely restrict movement. Pads - crossbars with bracelets do not allow changing positions and moving limbs. Carabiners for bracelets, collars and leashes are attached to the spacers.

Now we will tell you about another practice that can be used both in BDSM and in classic sex. This is a limitation of mobility. In their dreams, partners see themselves chained and subdued by the Master. Now you can easily implement this. However, in order for everything to work out as planned, you need to trust your partner and apply the necessary things to the bandage. What you need for this, you can find in our store.

Sex handcuffs and their types

Handcuffs and shackles.

Here you can find stylish handcuffs with fur. They will definitely brighten up the emotions of your sexual experiments. We also offer wide handcuffs for you. They will not leave marks on your skin. Items equipped with carabiners can be fastened together or chained to other objects. You can even come up with a lot of experiments with a partner by tying your hands.

Shackles on the legs.

These toys are visually similar to handcuffs, however they are of a different size. You can buy shackles made of completely different materials from us: natural / artificial leather, nylon and so on.

Bandage kits.

Here is a set of toys to restrict your partner's movements. It often includes the following toys: ropes, handcuffs, footwear and eye masks. It can also include gags, spacers, whips, or ticklers.

Special tape for tying.

It grabs firmly, but the plus is that it will not leave a trace. Moreover, don't worry if hair gets on this tape, it can be easily removed. The bandage tape is available in our store in different colors. One product is enough for 2-4 ties.


Realizes completely different thoughts. The sleeves make it impossible for the partner to move. The sleeves are simply tied at the back here. It doesn't take much effort. But it is simply impossible to free yourself from it on your own. Almost all intimate areas are available for you, and you can tease your partner as you wish.

Soft ropes for Shibari (the art of tying).

A special rope is always used for the bandage. Items not intended for this experiment can hurt you if you practice hanging. In our store you can find the rope that is most suitable for a high-quality bandage. They are well cleaned.

Installations for fixing in the air.

Special handcuffs, mittens, leggings make sure that you leave traces of pleasant impressions from sexual experiments. With these devices, you can not only diversify your sex life with your partner, but also have a photo session, which is now spreading more and more widely. Photos with a partner can turn on even more and every sex will be even more awaited.

BDSM handcuffs and restraints in a sex shop

And for newbies, if you and your partner have not had any experience with tying yet (but you want to try it), it is worth purchasing a multi-piece bandage kit. You can apply them as you like best: separately and together.

A soft tape is just right for a regular bandage. This tape will replace handcuffs and leg shackles. However, it is worth remembering that it is not reliable enough to be used for hanging.

Handcuffs are the perfect gift for a sexual partner if you want to point out something harsher in a relationship. This gift is perfect for any occasion and holiday.

It is worth noting that whipping accessories are not always painful. You can choose toys according to your preferences and feelings. It is important to choose the right products: pay attention to the choice of material, rigidity. It is important to experiment and listen to your partner so that sexual experimentation only brings you pleasure.

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