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How to buy sex toys and clothes anonymously?

There are several options for offline and online purchases.

Offline anonymous shopping in a sex shop:

It is easier than it seems, anonymity can be ensured by hiding the face with objects such as: masks, glasses, hats, makeup. Wear inconspicuous clothing, gray or neutral colors, gloves.

It is worth paying in cash, otherwise, it will be possible to see your name and surname on the card. You can use someone else's card to buy, just ask the cardholder's permission first;)

How to make an anonymous purchase in an online sex shop?

Online anonymous shopping in a sex shop:

There are many benefits to this type of shopping for sex products if you want to keep the secret.

Each product has a detailed text description and video review, which will largely save the seller from questions and limit your communication with him.

It is possible to ask a question about a product through instant messengers, which will also hide who you are. Communication can be carried out by phone, if you are inclined to communicate and you are comfortable with such communication.

When registering and ordering goods on the site, you are hidden from prying eyes.

You can pay remotely, right on the site with a card, which will also allow you to remain an unknown buyer. Or via mobile transfer upon receipt of the goods. To pay in cash, you will have to meet with us;) but you can keep the secret using the methods of buying in offline stores described above.

Our site is protected by the SLL certificate. This means your data is reliably protected from being read by third parties (spyware) when placing and paying for an order.

Your anonymity delivery

It so happens that the outlines of a product or packaging give out the content. In this regard, we pack extra to make your toy look neutral.

We pack the goods in an opaque, tight bag and sew up the top of the bag. If this is a shipment outside Irkutsk, then we pack it in a box.

We use third-party couriers (the courier does not know what kind of store we are). Couriers pick up the package or box from the neutral zone. And that the courier is lucky for you, he does not even know approximately.

The courier only has your phone number for communication, it is possible to give it without a phone number, just the address is enough We can always track the location of the courier and can most accurately inform the time of arrival to you

If you wish, you can not meet with the courier, just warn us about it, and we will do everything necessary!

 Read more about delivery and payment

What does a sex shop seller think of you?

We would like to emphasize that the sellers of a sex shop, just like the sellers of other goods and services, do not care who you are and what you do in life.

Let's draw an analogy with a bread seller: if you love and buy white bread, and the seller loves black bread. Your preference will be important to him, he will simply sell what you like and offer buns;)

We are interested that you come back to us again and enjoy your purchases more and more.

It is important for us that you feel comfortable and happy with your purchase. We make sure that Pleasure is always there!

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