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Anal toys

Anal Banana Black Anal Stimulator - 16cm * 2.8cm
Free shipping
Anal chain with remote control 11.8cm * 3.0cm
2 000р.
1 790р.
Free shipping
Anal chain with restraint - 28 cm * 1.6-2.7 cm
Delivery 100 rub
Anal chain with restraint ring - 23cm * 2.6cm
Anal chain. Classic anal beads
1 500р.
-200 r.
Anal chain. Purple 32 * 1.1-2.8cm
Delivery 100 rub
Anal chain. Toyfa A-toys M
Free shipping
Anal Shower Shower Me
1 990р.
Anal stimulant. Seven Creations, silicone, 14 cm.
1 100р.
Anal stimulator Rapier Plug purple
Delivery 100 rub
ASS PARADISE pink gel vibrator 20.5cm * 2.5cm
1 390р.
-200 r.
Bilateral Anal Stimulator - 20cm * 1.4-3.2cm
Free shipping
Black anal vibrator - 24.0 cm * 2.5 cm
Butt plug with relief - 10 cm * 2.5 cm
Butt plug with tail TOYFA SWEET BUNNY
Free shipping
Butt plug with vibration EROTIST SHAFT (5.4 cm * ∅ 2.4 cm)
Cosmo Anal Chain - 22.3cm * 1.9-2.5cm
Free shipping
Curved anal plug 10.5cm * 2.2cm
2 200р.
1 690р.
-200 r.
Expanding anal plug. Silicone, blue, 9 * 6.5 cm
Fantasy butt plug - 12.5 cm * 3.7 cm
Free shipping
Kinky Douche Anal Shower
1 800р.
1 490р.
Free shipping
Pink Anal Vibrating Herringbone 12cm * 1.5-3.6cm

Anal toys

Anal sex toys are designed to increase arousal by stimulating the nerve endings of the anus.

In many couples, such sex is a forbidden fruit. But not for those who love experiments, thrills, and those who are always in search of unknown pleasure.

● Anal plugs

Cone-shaped device with restraint for easy entry. At present, the device has been improved and equipped with a control panel and a vibration function, which has sharply increased the demand among fans of experiments;

● Prostate massager.

Men rarely agree to such an experiment, depriving themselves of vivid sensations. However, those who nevertheless tried such entertainment, there is a desire to use the massager as often as possible, moreover, such a massage is useful for the health of a man;

● Anal beads or balls.

They prepare the anus for the entry of the penis. They are also used to satisfy men. Such a tool performs the function of massage the prostate;

● Vibrators for the anus.

It looks the same as conventional vibrators, but smaller;

● Anal dildos.

Glass is considered the most popular, due to its pleasant texture and high strength.

Anal sex with toys

How to have anal sex?

In anal sex, the main thing to remember about the standard rules of hygiene, before the act, cleanse with an enema. In addition, it is advised not to eat for five hours before the scheduled act.
It is important to use lubricant when performing the act, because the anus does not release its own lubricant.
Lubricants are oil, silicone and special for anal sex. It includes an anesthetic and a component that helps to relax the muscles of the anus. When using, strictly follow the recommendations indicated on the package.

There are a huge number of varieties of anal sex devices:

When you first experience anal sex, it is better to give preference to smaller toys. This will allow you to quickly gradually get used to receiving new sensations.

How to use anal toys?

It happens that in the intimate life of a couple there comes a moment when traditional or oral sex becomes boring. But in order to avoid complete "cooling" to each other, another kind of sex comes to the rescue. These are ANAL SEX and anal sex toys. Most often, this idea occurs in men.

Anal sex, as is often shown in porn videos, is something cool, unreal, unearthly. That there both partners "get high" from the process. But in life it is still worth trying to achieve pleasure.

Before proceeding with it, you should make sure that your partner agrees. When you and your partner have agreed to "try" anal sex and anal sex toys as something "new", then you should take care of using a special lubricant (ordinary saliva is not suitable for long sex) and a condom (the anal environment is very aggressive).

After you have tried anal penetration for the first time, say by playing with your fingers in the ass or other small objects, but you want more sensations, you should resort to using small anal sex toys (2-3 cm in diameter), which will help you achieve greater pleasure from intimate life.

Which anal sex toy to choose?

Here you should think about what exactly you are missing and choose only what will delight you and your partner. After all, these little helpers can even bring "tangible benefits" - for men, this is the stimulation of the prostate, in order to avoid such a disease as prostatitis at a more mature age. For a woman, using toys for anal penetration will help "widen" the entrance. That in the future, during subsequent anal pleasures with sex toys, will allow you to enjoy the process more.

Anal toys themselves can be divided into several types.

For example, anal plugs, butt plugs and anal beads of various sizes are used to help expand the anal hole and provide addiction. By inserting them, you can have regular sex, they absolutely do not interfere. Or you can insert them in advance, for example, in the morning, and go through the whole day (but no more than 3 hours at a time), and in the evening with your partner to have crazy wild sex. Entering your ass will be quick, painless. The use of an anal toy - beads will help you further enhance the effect of sex and the orgasm will be brighter and stronger.

Dangers of Anal Sex

The use of sex toys for anal sex should be considered carefully. The main rule is not to harm either your partner or yourself.

First of all, this is the safety of use, as well as ease of use. Too large anal sex toys should not be used by those who are just trying anal sex and are newbies. This can lead to damage to the anus, to cracks in it and very unpleasant sensations.

Having anal sex or using anal toys can make you feel painful. During anal sex, there is also a high probability of "picking up" STDs, which are easily transmitted at this moment, without a condom. The resulting cracks in the anus will instantly "become a home for diseases." Be very careful. Do everything slowly and unhurriedly, especially if these are your first steps in anal sex.


Before starting anal sex, it is worth trying rimming - this is a process when oral-anal stimulation of the partner's intimate parts takes place, using anal sex toys that will imitate tongue caress.

Before using anal toys - anal plugs, as well as before anal sex, you should relax "to the maximum" (stimulants and poppers can help with this). This will allow the toy to leave only pleasant sensations when "entering". You should know that there are two sphincters in the anus. Internal and external. And if you are in a completely relaxed state, the external sphincter will allow you to easily enter, but the internal, even not in a tense state, will not allow you to move sharply and rudely. In general, anal penetration is smooth and not abrupt movements.

What is anal lubrication for?

Application of a special anal lubricant - lubricant. Using a lubricant while playing with anal sex toys will allow you to avoid "chafing" in these areas. It is worth purchasing a lubricant for anal sex, because it contains more ingredients that will allow anal sex to remain sliding for a long period of time. Anal lubricants, for the most part, are of two types: water-based and silicone-based (and hybrid), there are also oil-based ones. Read more about the application HERE. Also, if you have petroleum jelly or greasy cream on hand, its use will not be advisable.

Anal lubricants with anesthetic, pain-dulling substance. Its use will not let you "feel" the pain and discomfort of anal sex. The danger is that you simply will not be able to notice in time the lesions that have appeared on the delicate skin of the anus. Limit its use, if it is completely unbearable) Also, alcohol should not become your "relaxation assistant".

Rules for the use of anal sex toys

Before starting sexual play with anal toys, it is worth disinfecting them.

The choice of anal toys should be taken seriously. And be attentive to the material from which the anal sex toy is made. Material - silicone, metal or glass lends itself well to washing and disinfection, they can even be cleaned in a dishwasher or just under running water using detergents and disinfectants. Some anal sex toys can be boiled.

If the anal toy is made of cyber leather or thermoplastic rubber - TPR, polyvinyl chloride, then the process of disinfection and washing can be much problematic. This is due to the fact that having a porous structure on the surface of an anal toy, bacteria and microorganisms can remain in the pores. Therefore, if you have just such a toy, be sure to use a condom. It is very important to do this when your toy "has entries in different places." It is also worth paying close attention to the information on the packaging, which is posted by the manufacturer. It describes the rules for using anal sex toys.

Before anal pleasures or using an anal sex toy, you should make an enema in order to avoid "surprises". If you eat right and are very clean (showering before sex), then you generally have nothing to fear. It is worth shallowly rinsing the entrance and limiting food intake 6 hours before intercourse.

Your toy must have a "stop" - a limiter that will not allow it to go too deep. Another not unimportant detail when using anal toys.

This can happen when the external sphincter contracts, thereby "sucking" the anal toy into itself. But most of the time, anal toy manufacturers make these stoppers. At the anal plugs, they are wide at the base, it is convenient to hold and insert. And the anal beads have a ring or hold a different type, which makes them safe to use. If you decide to try a toy - a vibro-bullet, then it will not work for anal entertainment (unless in a condom and you control the tip;). Because it lacks a holder.

If you own an anal toy with small parts, then be sure to use a condom. This will ensure your safety in the event of any items falling out.

Choosing an anal toy for sexual pleasures should be narrow (2-3 cm in diameter). Especially for anal sex. Too large width (from 4 cm) of an anal toy can simply "tear" your external sphincter (butt). Therefore, choose a medium toy that will be comfortable to use. If the sex toy fits in size, then it will smoothly enter you, giving only pleasure.

Owners of anal toys with a ribbed surface should be on the lookout. Don't go too deep. Because ribbing can injure a person's rectum. "Entry" and "exit" when using such a toy should be accurate, not sharp. Protect yourself from possible injury.

Using anal toys for sexual pleasures should be enjoyable, not harmful to your own health. If you feel any discomfort after using them, or something bothers you, consult a doctor.

When buying an anal sex toy, fully consider the product, watch the video description, read the reviews and choose exactly what is right for you! We wish you Love and Joy in sex;)

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